“Many years ago I purchased my first home as a single mom with two young children. I needed to feel safe, so having an alarm system installed was first on my list. I contacted American Central Alarm. Not only did they have the best rates, they came out right away to install my alarm. Their customer service was friendly, professional and knowledgeable regarding all types of security systems and or cameras I needed or preferred for complete protection. They kindly placed visible stickers and signs displaying their company’s name around my property to “announce” that my home is secured by their system, sending a warning to bad people.

I have always gotten a QUICK RESPONSE PHONE CALL whenever my alarm has been triggered from a caring voice on the other end of the phone asking “If all is OK”, and what is your security code before dispatching the police! If at any time my system required service, they are always available to make a service visit quickly and efficiently. I can honestly say that having my American Central Alarm system gives me and my family an ultimate feeling of security during times we are either away from home or sleep at night from any outside lurking predators. Do I recommend American Central Alarm? YES, 100%.”

Candace S.

“I have had your Alarm service for the past 7 years, and the service has
been excellent for me. I’ve been very satisfied anytime I have ever needed
to call for any service or for whenever I’ve made a mistake and ACA has had to call me. I really appreciate the protection and security that ACA gives me.”

“I feel you are a Trust Worthy Company!”

C. Robinson